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For millennia, nature has recycled life's most essential nutrients in a constant process of regeneration. Recent scientific research has revealed that Humates resulting from natural decomposition contain all the essential nutrients necessary for proper metabolism. These "lifegiving" nutrients are now available in convenient capsules and liquid.

Nature's Own Recycling System

Vitality Boost™ supplements from Morningstar Minerals provide one of the best sources of bio-available minerals, amino acids and trace elements available today. Vitality Boost™ supplements contain high levels of bio-available Humic and Fulvic acid, the two essential compounds that result from nature's own process of recycling the elements of life. Humic and Fulvic acid have been found to play an important role in cell metabolism, acting as carriers of essential nutrients into and metabolic wastes out of the cell. They also act to convert some waste products into useful materials within the cell.

Valuable Nutrients from the Age of Dinosaurs

Vitality Boost™ supplements are formulated from naturally occurring fresh water humic shale mined from the Fruitland Formation in Northwestern New Mexico. This shale, rich in natural Humates, is the remains of a huge shallow fresh water sea that existed during the time of the dinosaurs. Morningstar Mineral Humates are all-natural.

Contained in Vitality Boost™ products are all the necessary ingredients for life; phyto-chemicals resulting from plant photo-synthesis and important to proper health, amino acids used in DNA & RNA repair and synthesis and a whole host of minerals and trace elements that result from the trapping and conversion of sunlight into the chemical energy so necessary to all life on earth.

Building Blocks for a Healthy Life

Vitality Boost™ products provide some of the most important building blocks of life. People taking Humic and Fulvic acid supplements have reported increases in energy, higher tolerance to stress, improved resistance to illness and faster recovery from the aches and pains of life.

Recent laboratory research has demonstrated Fulvic acid to be one of the most efficient cellular electrolytes known to mankind. Researchers believe that in the presence of Fulvic acid cellular processes operate at peak efficiency. Humic and Fulvic acid have been demonstrated to be highly efficient chelators of minerals and trace elements for transport through cell membranes, a process without which life on earth could not exist.

Laboratory testing suggests that Humic compounds are also very effective at neutralizing toxic effects of heavy metals and other potentially harmful by-products, some of which are actually necessary, in trace quantities, for proper cell health.

Put the Bounce Back in Your Step with Vitality Boost

Vitality Boost™ products are currently available as Immune Boost 77™ capsules - rich in natural Humic & Fulvic acid, and Energy Boost 70™ liquid - an optimal source of Fulvic acid. Both products contain a rich array of bio-available, nutrients essential to healthy cell metabolism.

Boost the bounce in your step today with Momingstar Minerals' Vitality Boost™ products.


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