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My name is Coby Preimesberger, I am 26 years old with cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy and non-turrets motor tics. I have been taking the Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost HA for almost two years now.

I had very pronounced tremors in both my hands and my legs before Geoff McMahon and my mom started me on these minerals. They have now stopped and I can even feed myself without much assistance. My legs hurt all the time from the palsy and now they don’t hurt as much and I don’t have to take my pain meds and the muscle relaxer pills like I used to. My muscles used to make me cry, and my mom would have to rub them almost all night so I could sleep.

I do not take as much of my Tegratal as I used to either. I was taking 1000 mgs a day and now I only take 700 mgs each day, which mom says is better for the life of my kidneys, too. My meds used to make me sleepy all day and now I can do things with my family and not just want to sleep.

I hope I can take these minerals for the rest of my life because they make me feel better.

Thank God I found your products! I was overwhelmingly fatigued and suffered with severe muscle and joint pain 24/7. My life was of poor quality and had come to a halt. I had a terrible brain fog, achiness and very poor sleep- if any, on most nights. I have frequent infections (i.e. sinus, etc.) and am chronically exhausted.

Gentle water exercises at Physical Therapy and mild daily exercises totally wiped me out. It was hard for me to drive and sit up for meals.

I have severe fibromegalzia/CFS and am hypothyroid. I am allergic to multiple medications and supplements. Because I need so many vitamins, minerals, supplements, and amino- that, in pill form, don’t agree with me, make me sick and are hard to get down.

Now I take my daily multi-vitamin, Ester C, B Complex, Flaxseed oil, thyroid medication and YOUR PRODUCTS (Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost HA).

I highly recommend these products to everyone and anyone I meet, especially those with immune disorders, FMS/CMS or are just plain run down.

I sure hope people I recommended your products to order- they’ll be glad they did!!!

-Roseann Mitchell
Shenandoah Heights, PA

P.S. I love the spray [Derma Boost], it works!!

I am 64 years of age and have a lot of health problems. I was a smoker but I have gave up smoking too late, so I have emphysema. I also have asthma, diabetes and arthritis. Before I started taking Morningstar Minerals Fulvic Minerals Supplement [Energy Boost 70], I used to sit around and do nothing because I didn’t have energy and I couldn’t breath. I just felt bad all of the time. Now I feel like a million dollars. I can go out for a full day without any troubles and I breathe easily.

I go shopping with my sister-in-law a lot, and before I used to huff and puff and have trouble keeping up. Now, she is the one huffing and puffing and the arthritis in my knees and feet hardly bother me at all!

I just feel so good I want everyone to know about Morningstar Minerals Fulvic [Energy Boost 70] and Humic Mineral Supplements [Vitality Boost HA].

A little over 18 years ago I was loading my truck with threaded rod steel when the rack I was standing on gave way. I fell to the ground on my back and the steel landed on my legs when I was injured. I spent a little over 5-6 weeks in a hospital with rehabilitation taking over 14 months. I was told I would probably not walk again. Well I did but there was a tremendous amount of scar tissue damage.

I have been taking the Morningstar Minerals products for a little over two years and what a difference. I faithfully take two ounces of Vitality Boost HA, two Immune Boost 77 capsules and one ounce of Got Arginine daily. Over the last two years I have observed and or had my doctor(s) tell me my health is on the incline and I’ve never looked better.

I pay attention to the four food groups; dine in, take out, fast food and microwave. My cholesterol level is normal. I take only a 10 mg pill for high blood pressure, which is astonishing based on my entire family having a history of extremely high blood pressure.

For years, I’ve had a history of leg cramps, really bad ones. Since I have used your products, IF I get one it is very minor. I can say a reduction of 95% is reasonable.

My energy level is greatly improved since I have been using your products. Three to four in the afternoon I would just run out of gas. Being a maintenance worker for a 180-unit apartment complex this additional energy burst makes my job a lot more fun and allows me to enjoy my evenings instead of being tired and grumpy.

Probably the most amazing aspect of your product is what it has done for my posture. When I was injured in the steel accident I fractured my pelvis and tore my ACL. As a result, I walked with a hunch and drug my left foot. I do not know why, but I don’t walk hunched over any more. The foot still drags a bit.

I cannot thank you enough for your products as they have improved the quality of my life.
-William Shepard

Three years ago [March 27, 2005], I found out I had lung cancer. The doctors only found the cancer because I came down with pneumonia. I went into chemo but it put me into intensive care so I went through radiation. After the chemo treatment, I lost my hair. It later grew back. But, after the radiation, my hair fell out again and the doctor’s said it would never grow back.

Kay introduced me to Morningstar Minerals’ products [Vitality Boost HA, Energy Boost 70, & Immune Boost 77]. I started taking the products every day. At my checkups, my doctor said my blood count was coming up. I noticed my hair growing back too. My doctor was shocked from this. He only knew one other person that grew his hair back after chemo and radiation. When I went back to the check ups, the nurses would look at me smiling. They couldn’t believe how I looked. My complexion improved.

I contribute a lot of this to the minerals. It is tremendous. I went in for another check up yesterday [March 28, 2008] and they haven’t found anything. I am a firm believer in this. Yesterday, my doctor said my blood count was excellent.

Tonto Basin, Arizona



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