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Morningstar Minerals is centered on the vision of its founder and President, Geoff McMahon. Geoff observed in his early years in Australia that minor amendments to mineral deficient soils had major results in the crops grown and to the consumers of these crops. This was something that stayed in the back of his mind for years. Geoff came to the United States over 30 years ago.

He has been very successful in his endeavors over the years, which have given him the background, insight and understanding that allow him to guide and follow his vision for this company. Geoff's vision and certainly his passion is for the well-being of all human kind.

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Morningstar Minerals is offering to the world a product so important that everyone on the planet needs to know what you are about to learn. It seems the whole world is focused on improving their health, yet by in large the poplulation is becoming less healthy. What's the missing link? Our company can answer this important question.

Morningstar Minerals is a revolutionary company with breakthrough nutritional products that every person in the world should know about. Even with the advancement of medical science the widespread acceptance of natural health and the fitness frenzy, our society at large is still declining in health. Most of this decline is completely preventable and is due to a lack of quality absorbable minerals. The USRDA recommends three times more minerals as part of a good diet than any other nutrients.

Even with this recommendation, minerals are the hardest of all nutrients to get a good supply of for the average person. With 30+ years of research and practical experience in and around the mineral industry, Morningstar Minerals was born to offer the world the highest quality mineral product at a price everyone could afford. Morningstar Minerals can ensure the highest quality minerals at the best price because we completely control the product from start to finish.


Morningstar Minerals owns and operates its own mineral mines that are known to yeild the most superior raw ingredient mineral available. With the highest quality minerals, Morningstar Minerals then processes these minerals in a highly proprietary method to ensure the most benefits and absorbablility. Morningstar Minerals owns and controls the entire manufacturing process. Morningstar Minerals can then always offer your products with the confidence that has been produced with the highest and the most exacting manufacturing standards.

There are many mineral supplements on the market, however, most cannot or do not deliver these critical nutrients at the cellular level. Its widely known within the nutritional science circles that essential minerals are the most important element to human, plant, and animal health. Yet, its also widely known, that humans are grossly deficient in these essential minerals.

With the years of development and testing that Morningstar Minerals has invested into their mineral product, you will not find a more potent and absorbable mineral supplement anywhere in the world. You will not find another quality mineral product so easily to use and so affordable.

The uniqueness of these products is that they are organic and organic based materials. No harmful additives are used in our manufacturing processes.




minerals from the high rockies

Energy Boost 70 Available in GlassVitality Boost HA available in glass


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