N.M. Company Reps Visit Other Countries to Learn About Marketing

Daily Times, The (Farmington, N.M.)-November 25, 2007

Author: Cornelia de Bruin Section: Business Record #: 7558381

FARMINGTON — In about two weeks, a trio of New Mexico companies heads to the other side of the world to learn more about marketing.
Their trip is the fruit of seeds sown earlier this year by the state's Office of International Trade, part of New Mexico's Economic Development Department.

San Juan County Economic Development Service hosted the group last month, opening the door for local companies to sign up for the opportunity.

The October conference was one of a series of 15 during 2007.

Whether reps of any San Juan County companies will be on the plane as it heads down the runway for Hong Kong and Taiwan might be proprietary information. Companies are under no mandate to say where they're traveling.

"We started the project about a year ago," Edward Herrera, of the Office of International Trade, said. "Since then the number of participants has been dropping."

Effects of the dwindling attendance may begin to ripple statewide.

A planned marketing briefing scheduled in Albuquerque may not be continued.

"The theory is they're getting less and less valuable," Herrera said. "We want to put the information out there, but if no one's going to come, maybe we don't need to do the whole workshop."

Companies that attended the Farmington event included Clean Can Technology, Morningstar Minerals and Special Care at Home, a Navajo Nation-based endeavor.

Jeff McMann, production manager of Morningstar, expressed interest in traveling to one of the Far East events. As he put it during an earlier interview, 1 percent of the Chinese spending market would be more than welcomed by the company. China's economy comprises 37 percent of the worldwide figure.

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