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My name is Charles Kendall and I have been taking your products for about 6 months now. I take 2 oz. of L-Arginine [got Arginine?], 2 oz. of Energy Boost and 1 oz. of Ribose [Energy Boost Plus] every day. I also take 4 Immune Boost capsules each day: 2 in the morning and 2 at night. 10 years ago, I had 5 by-pass surgeries and about 4 years ago I had to have a stint put in for a blockage. Last year, I had to have another stint put in. The guys at work call me the “stint man”. Ever since I had the last stint, I have always had this weird feeling in my chest. Once you’ve had bypass surgery you feel everything that goes on inside...or, at least I do. Since the surgery, I have always had this tingling in the front of my legs. Since I’ve started drinking Got Arginine?, the tingling has almost stopped, and that is a great feeling. I started taking the Ribose product about 2 weeks ago and the pain I was having in my chest has completely gone away. In the past 4 weeks, everyone in my office has had the flu but me (knock on wood). I believe this is contributed to the minerals I am taking. I was told the Derma Boost would take away wrinkles so I spray my face at least twice a day. I am now 50 years young. I believe by the time I am 60 I will look 30. I want to thank you for your wonderful products. I am looking forward to living to be 90. Keep up the research and may we all live long and keep our health.

Thank you.

-Charlie “The Stintman”


A little over 18 years ago I was loading my truck with threaded rod steel when the rack I was standing on gave way. I fell to the ground on my back and the steel landed on my legs when I was injured. I spent a little over 5-6 weeks in a hospital with rehabilitation taking over 14 months. I was told I would probably not walk again. Well I did but there was a tremendous amount of scar tissue damage.

I have been taking the Morningstar Minerals products for a little over two years and what a difference. I faithfully take two ounces of Vitality Boost HA, two Immune Boost 77 capsules and one ounce of Got Arginine daily. Over the last two years I have observed and or had my doctor(s) tell me my health is on the incline and I’ve never looked better.

I pay attention to the four food groups; dine in, take out, fast food and microwave. My cholesterol level is normal. I take only a 10 mg pill for high blood pressure, which is astonishing based on my entire family having a history of extremely high blood pressure.

For years, I’ve had a history of leg cramps, really bad ones. Since I have used your products, IF I get one it is very minor. I can say a reduction of 95% is reasonable.

My energy level is greatly improved since I have been using your products. Three to four in the afternoon I would just run out of gas. Being a maintenance worker for a 180-unit apartment complex this additional energy burst makes my job a lot more fun and allows me to enjoy my evenings instead of being tired and grumpy.

Probably the most amazing aspect of your product is what it has done for my posture. When I was injured in the steel accident I fractured my pelvis and tore my ACL. As a result, I walked with a hunch and drug my left foot. I do not know why, but I don’t walk hunched over any more. The foot still drags a bit.

I cannot thank you enough for your products as they have improved the quality of my life.
-William Shepard

The following synopsis is based on our finding in using Morningstar Minerals: Tom Kendall has inherited cholesterol traits. His last cholesterol testing with medication (Vytorin) and using Energy Boost 70 Mineral Supplement was 190. His level has never been under 225 with just medication. By introducing your product and combined with his current medicine his level is within the acceptable range. And, his energy level has made him more productive.

I had Crohns disease for 30 years with major abdominal surgery removing 35 inches of my intestines. I had a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Jorge Prieto (gastroenterologist) and after using Morningstar Energy Boost he said, “that there were no signs of Crohns in my system.” Now, I did experience difficulty with Got Arginine. It made my bowels very active creating a “dumping syndrome” (which necessitated my close relationship to a bathroom facility). This may be the combination of intestinal shortage and Got Arginine.

Thanks for the rewarding results.
-Joan Chessman & Tom Kendall



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