Energy Boost 70® Testimonials

January 2005 I found out I had breast cancer, lymph and liver cancer- state IV. I didn’t know what to do or expect.

My doctor got me to see an oncologist that same day. I started chemo treatments that next week. I trained someone at work to help me with my job because I wasn’t sure what would happen after my treatments. I was very lucky, I had treatments on Thursday (once every 3 weeks) and was very tired on Sundays and sometimes had to take off work on Monday’s because I was too weak. I started taking Energy Boost and Immune Boost and had enough energy that I didn’t have to miss work. October, I went to have a PET/CT scan done and they said my cancer was in remission and to come back in February to have another test done. This test came back, and they found no cancer in my body. I want to back up to when I first found out that I had cancer, my oncologist said that once there is cancer in your liver, it would never go away. I am so lucky to have so many friends and family behind me supporting me. And for these minerals I am taking. I truly believe they have helped take this awful cancer away from my body. Thank all of you so much!

-Belind Kendall
Cancer Free as of 02/2006


My name is Charles Kendall and I have been taking your products for about 6 months now. I take 2 oz. of L-Arginine [got Arginine?], 2 oz. of Energy Boost and 1 oz. of Ribose [Energy Boost Plus] every day. I also take 4 Immune Boost capsules each day: 2 in the morning and 2 at night. 10 years ago, I had 5 by-pass surgeries and about 4 years ago I had to have a stint put in for a blockage. Last year, I had to have another stint put in. The guys at work call me the “stint man”. Ever since I had the last stint, I have always had this weird feeling in my chest. Once you’ve had bypass surgery you feel everything that goes on inside...or, at least I do. Since the surgery, I have always had this tingling in the front of my legs. Since I’ve started drinking Got Arginine?, the tingling has almost stopped, and that is a great feeling. I started taking the Ribose product about 2 weeks ago and the pain I was having in my chest has completely gone away. In the past 4 weeks, everyone in my office has had the flu but me (knock on wood). I believe this is contributed to the minerals I am taking. I was told the Derma Boost would take away wrinkles so I spray my face at least twice a day. I am now 50 years young. I believe by the time I am 60 I will look 30. I want to thank you for your wonderful products. I am looking forward to living to be 90. Keep up the research and may we all live long and keep our health.

Thank you.

-Charlie “The Stintman”


My name is Coby Preimesberger, I am 26 years old with cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy and non-turrets motor tics. I have been taking the Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost HA for almost two years now.

I had very pronounced tremors in both my hands and my legs before Geoff McMahon and my mom started me on these minerals. They have now stopped and I can even feed myself without much assistance. My legs hurt all the time from the palsy and now they don’t hurt as much and I don’t have to take my pain meds and the muscle relaxer pills like I used to. My muscles used to make me cry, and my mom would have to rub them almost all night so I could sleep.

I do not take as much of my Tegratal as I used to either. I was taking 1000 mgs a day and now I only take 700 mgs each day, which mom says is better for the life of my kidneys, too. My meds used to make me sleepy all day and now I can do things with my family and not just want to sleep.

I hope I can take these minerals for the rest of my life because they make me feel better.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps of WWII. I received injuries during my service that were treated improperly prompting ill health and hospitalization over the years. Fractured bones with ensuing Osteoarthritis caused me unimaginable pain. I was also exposed to radiation during a two-week assignment at Nagasaki, Japan in the Autumn of 1945. In all this time, I have never before found any relief from the pain, other than through the use of narcotics and chiropractic adjustments. For the most part, I have been unable to earn a reliable living.

Now comes on the scene Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70, which I have been taking for only three weeks and found that the improvement in my physical, psychological health, and well-being is such that people I know are remarking about the positive changes...which only confirms my own assessment.

Wouldn’t it be great if more and more people knew about the beneficial effectiveness of Morningstar Energy Boost 70!

-Harold “Hal” Donle
Seattle, Washington


Recently, I was admitted to a hospital for pain from kidney stones. I was put on painkillers and given medication to help me pass the stones, but they wouldn’t pass out of my system, so I was sent home with more pain medication, which I took every four hours, and was told that they would have to operate. I also have ovarian cysts causing me pain and they wanted to remove my ovaries as well as remove some polyps from my colon.

Sometime before I was hospitalized, two friends had given me some Morningstar Minerals products and told me how good they were. At first, I didn’t take too much notice of them, but when I got back home from the hospital, I thought: “What do I have to lose if I try it?”

I was amazed that I could tell a difference in four days. I had twice the energy and within seven days all my pain had gone. Before I started taking Immune Boost 77 and Energy Boost 70 I would get about an hour’s work done before I had to lie down because of the pain and exhaustion. But, now I get up at 6:30am and go all day.

About 10 years ago, I also discovered a lump on my neck. When I had it checked out it was a rare form of skin cancer. Tumors appear randomly and have to be excised immediately.

Since that time I have been anemic and malnourished. After only two weeks of using Immune Boost 77 and Energy Boost 70, I can tell my digestion is much better.

These are the only things I take now. I don’t need the analgesics or any other medication and unless something drastic happens I’m not going to have any operation that I can avoid.

-Marilyn Eagle

First of all, I’m a 78 year-old man with many health problems including prostate and bone cancer, hypertension, heart problems, depression and gout. I fell several times in 2005 and broke a hip in July and the other hip in November. I had open-heart surgery several years ago. My legs have hurt me so long for many years.

Thanks to Energy Boost Minerals for giving me relief of the leg pain which allows me the ability to walk again with a walker. Please accept my most sincere “thank you”.

-Hawk Kendall
Houston, Mississippi


Energy is the most important thing to me. I have inoperable colon cancer that has spread to my stomach and liver and I’m on intensive chemotherapy. When I was first introduced to Morningstar Mineral Supplements, I talked to my oncologist who told me they wouldn’t interfere with my treatment so I started taking the Energy Boost 70 and Immune Boost.

Before too long, I started taking Morningstar Fulvic Mineral [Energy Boost] by itself. It’s better on my stomach and seems to get into my system faster. It is doing a great job giving me support for the side effects of the chemotherapy. I have been taking it for almost a year and I have the energy to keep a positive attitude to fight the cancer, which is now shrinking.

I’m going to be on chemotherapy for a long time and I know I’ll be able to keep going while I take Energy Boost 70.

67 years old


As a nurse I do a lot of lifting and moving of patients. Since starting to take Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 supplements, I find I can work 8 hours then come home and work some more. This is more important to me because I have osteoarthritis.

The supplement relieves the pain, especially in the back, and there is no pain at the end of the day. My thumbs and knuckles also feel better. There are also a lot of mental and emotional demands on me every day. When taking Morningstar Energy Boost 70, I cope better with problem patients and I feel good and full of energy all day. Morningstar Mineral Supplement even keeps me regular. At this stage of my life, it is wonderful to find something that is easy to take and that is fixing the health problems we all get with age.


I am writing this letter to inform you of my progress while taking the Morningstar power boost in both capsule [Immune Boost 77] and liquid form [Energy Boost 70]. I was diagnosed in June 2003 to have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There are 30 different strains of this disease and I happen to get the rarest one that at this moment has no cure. Waldenstroms Microbilirimia is the rarest type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and science is trying to find a cure. It appears that your product has helped me greatly in this fight against cancer. I have been taking this product since April 2004 and my blood work shows great improvement. This is a terminal disease but I feel confident that I have at least another thirty years to look forward to.

-Rita Richards

Thank God I found your products! I was overwhelmingly fatigued and suffered with severe muscle and joint pain 24/7. My life was of poor quality and had come to a halt. I had a terrible brain fog, achiness and very poor sleep- if any, on most nights. I have frequent infections (i.e. sinus, etc.) and am chronically exhausted.

Gentle water exercises at Physical Therapy and mild daily exercises totally wiped me out. It was hard for me to drive and sit up for meals.

I have severe fibromegalzia/CFS and am hypothyroid. I am allergic to multiple medications and supplements. Because I need so many vitamins, minerals, supplements, and amino- that, in pill form, don’t agree with me, make me sick and are hard to get down.

Now I take my daily multi-vitamin, Ester C, B Complex, Flaxseed oil, thyroid medication and YOUR PRODUCTS (Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost HA).

I highly recommend these products to everyone and anyone I meet, especially those with immune disorders, FMS/CMS or are just plain run down.

I sure hope people I recommended your products to order- they’ll be glad they did!!!

-Roseann Mitchell
Shenandoah Heights, PA

P.S. I love the spray [Derma Boost], it works!!

I am 64 years of age and have a lot of health problems. I was a smoker but I have gave up smoking too late, so I have emphysema. I also have asthma, diabetes and arthritis. Before I started taking Morningstar Minerals Fulvic Minerals Supplement [Energy Boost 70], I used to sit around and do nothing because I didn’t have energy and I couldn’t breath. I just felt bad all of the time. Now I feel like a million dollars. I can go out for a full day without any troubles and I breathe easily.

I go shopping with my sister-in-law a lot, and before I used to huff and puff and have trouble keeping up. Now, she is the one huffing and puffing and the arthritis in my knees and feet hardly bother me at all!

I just feel so good I want everyone to know about Morningstar Minerals Fulvic [Energy Boost 70] and Humic Mineral Supplements [Vitality Boost HA].

I started taking Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 and Immune Boost 77 in February this year (2002)...There were two tumors in my brain and I was given low-level radiation treatment along with the chemotherapy that I was already on for the lung cancer.

Last week, I had an MRI, which showed that the two tumors in my brain had disappeared, so I hope I am going to lick the lung cancer too. What the Immune Boost 77 and Energy Boost 70 did was cut the side effects of the treatment out of my life and have given me the energy and hope to keep going. When I think about what I am going through, I am amazed that I feel so good.

-James Shelton

The following synopsis is based on our finding in using Morningstar Minerals: Tom Kendall has inherited cholesterol traits. His last cholesterol testing with medication (Vytorin) and using Energy Boost 70 Mineral Supplement was 190. His level has never been under 225 with just medication. By introducing your product and combined with his current medicine his level is within the acceptable range. And, his energy level has made him more productive.

I had Crohns disease for 30 years with major abdominal surgery removing 35 inches of my intestines. I had a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Jorge Prieto (gastroenterologist) and after using Morningstar Energy Boost he said, “that there were no signs of Crohns in my system.” Now, I did experience difficulty with Got Arginine. It made my bowels very active creating a “dumping syndrome” (which necessitated my close relationship to a bathroom facility). This may be the combination of intestinal shortage and Got Arginine.

Thanks for the rewarding results.
-Joan Chessman & Tom Kendall

Three years ago [March 27, 2005], I found out I had lung cancer. The doctors only found the cancer because I came down with pneumonia. I went into chemo but it put me into intensive care so I went through radiation. After the chemo treatment, I lost my hair. It later grew back. But, after the radiation, my hair fell out again and the doctor’s said it would never grow back.

Kay introduced me to Morningstar Minerals’ products [Vitality Boost HA, Energy Boost 70, & Immune Boost 77]. I started taking the products every day. At my checkups, my doctor said my blood count was coming up. I noticed my hair growing back too. My doctor was shocked from this. He only knew one other person that grew his hair back after chemo and radiation. When I went back to the check ups, the nurses would look at me smiling. They couldn’t believe how I looked. My complexion improved.

I contribute a lot of this to the minerals. It is tremendous. I went in for another check up yesterday [March 28, 2008] and they haven’t found anything. I am a firm believer in this. Yesterday, my doctor said my blood count was excellent.

Tonto Basin, Arizona



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