Editorial: Three Took Home Award, But Nine Were Winners

Daily Times, The (Farmington, N.M.)-September 23, 2007

Author: Staff Writer Section: Opinion Record #: 6980634

It was one smaller company and two giants in the industry.
When the 2007 EDGE Awards were announced Thursday night, Aztec Machine and Repair/Cranes and Material Handling, a local business, and BP America and PNM, corporate giants with strong local operations, were recognized for their contributions to the local economy.

Tim Montoya started Aztec Machine and Repair in 1997 and recently expanded by adding Cranes Material and Handling. Montoya and his staff have guided the business to success and have helped improve the economic foundation of San Juan County.

PNM San Juan Generating Station started out as Albuquerque Light and Ice in 1971, and BP America has operated in San Juan County since the 1950s.

While the three companies are diverse in what they do, there is a common bond — a commitment, not only to being a business success, but in giving back to the community. After receiving their awards, Montoya, Kelly Hart of BP and Russell Huffman of PNM all thanked their employees and the community for their success.

Each company has a history of making a difference in the lives of those who live in San Juan County. Sports, health care and education all have been benefactors of funding and time offered by the companies and their employees.

The EDGE Award is presented to local companies for their excellence in economic development, but the San Juan Economic Development Service, which sponsors the awards, understands that if a business is to be truly successful and excel, it must do more than bring revenue into the community. It also must be part of the community by giving help — financial, time and talent — to improve the quality of life in the community.

Each of the companies honored Thursday night do just that. They know it's more than the bottom line and the profit and loss statements that make them successful. It's more than the time they give to the job; it's the time they give to the community.

San Juan Economic Development Service has a history of working with businesses to help them grow and prosper. SJEDS also seeks to bring new industry to the area, to promote growth and economic development. The work done by the staff and the board of directors is invaluable to the community, and the organization's efforts to recognize businesses that create a positive economic atmosphere are honorable.

While three companies took home awards, the other nominees also should be commended for their economic and community efforts. Animas Environmental Services, Bearcat Drilling, Manufactured Stone, Morningstar Minerals, Nott Ltd. and TRC Construction all deserve recognition. The decision on which companies should receive the EDGE Awards this year had to be difficult, given the reputation and the integrity of those nominated.

Each of the nominees is more than just a company that brings business to and does business outside of our area. They are companies with a commitment to serve and a promise to deliver the best they have to offer — in goods and services, with time and effort and with financial help.

We appreciate all the nominees do to help make our community a better place to live. We honor the three companies who took home the awards. We respect the judges who evaluated each of the companies and determined the final three. We also extend our thanks to the SJEDS staff and board for all they do to promote San Juan County and the companies who do business here.

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